Real Time experience

To have 3D real life experience, you need 3Dvia player installed on your machine. It is free of cost.

Real Time experience

Click the link and experience how the boat is moving in the ocean. User interaction brings the education interesting.


Real time experience in selling and marketing product

Real time experience in selling and marketing product

Click the link and you will experience how boat is sailed from the dock after blowing the horn experienced. The real scenario brings the customer close to the product.

Behind the scene : Converting a Great Idea Into a Reality


(Excerpts taken from Glenn Llopis article on Forbes.  Image courtesy from                                                                                                                                                                                 

Most great ideas remain dormant because people don’t have courage, resources, time and / or money to take action. And for those who take action, most are unprepared and thus find themselves spending their valuable time and money on a dream that simply goes astray. 

Converting an idea into a reality is extremely difficult. No one will ever understand your idea or the dynamics associated with it like you. Don’t forget the old saying. “If it were easy – everyone would do it.” 

Today’s fiercely competitive marketplace requires us all to either convert our own ideas – or be a part of converting someone else’s ideas into a reality. Everyone must be a part of cultivating innovation around the clock. You must begin to accept that embracing the entrepreneurial attitude is a requirement to cultivate growth and opportunity for the organization you lead and serve. Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term anymore; it is a way of life. 

Here are essential things you must actively do at all times into order to convert ideas into reality: 

  1. Believe in Yourself

You can’t take action until you believe in yourself enough to handle the consequences of your decisions. Accountability requires believing in yourself enough to be 100% dedicated to getting the work done. Most people fail to take an idea to fruition because the unexpected challenges become more than they think they can handle and thus they no longer want to be accountable.

     2. Create Your Own Personal Board of Advisors

Learn from those who have done it before. Ideation is distinctly different than execution. Allow your personal board of advisors to guide you with wisdom born from their own failures and subsequent successes. Understand the thinking behind any negative comments, and then make the decision on your own. Be careful not to let them deter you from your vision.

   3. Embrace Risk as Your Best Friend

When things don’t go as planned along the way, stay focused on the mission at hand and do not allow disruption to set you backward. Risk is companion of idea. Accept the fact, you will approach the process with a lens that keeps your dreams and ambitions in perspective and on track.

    4. Be Extremely Patient

Take time to appreciate the journey and understand how things work. The journey is filled with unexpected outcomes that you may not be prepared to deal with. Don’t let this get you down, but keep your head up and respect the process and where it takes you. You will learn a lot about your threshold of risk and ability. Compromise is a choice, not a sacrifice.

   5. Learn How to Sell Your Vision

Simplicity is the key to selling the vision for your idea. Making it easy for someone on the “outside” to understand what you are trying to accomplish will create engagement and increase your probability buy-in for your idea. Clearly define your value proposition and how it can generate revenue. This skill comes into play when selling to possible investors. Don’t wait as it takes time to piece together and refine your message.

   6. Connect the Dots Along the Way

Everything is connected to something else. Learn how to spot the paths of connectivity along the journey. What may be your “core idea” today can mature into something bigger as you connect other tenets that naturally associate with your idea along the way.

    7. Be Passionate With Your Pursuit

When you put your passion into everything you do, it gives you the power into everything you do. It gives you the power to become a potent pioneer. Your passionate pursuit of converting your idea into a reality will open new doors to endless possibilities. Your ability to remain passionate about what you stand for is the ultimate enabler for the success of your idea.

    8. Be Purposeful

The probability to quit along the way will increase if your idea does not have purpose and meaning. As per Rich Melcombe, “Entrepreneurs must have passion and believe in what they are doing or they are destined to fail. You need to make a commitment to yourself and have a fiduciary responsibility to anyone who supports your idea or concept. Your purpose is to execute the idea and make others believe too.

    9. Focus on Building Momentum

Carefully identify all of your resources and build upon them via relationships, networking and sharing of resources to expand the opportunity for your ideas. Building momentum has a lot to do with timing and the management and deployment of resources. Know when and when not to use them so their value is optimally utilized at the right place and time. Building momentum is critically important to convert your idea into a reality. Stay focused, stick to your plan, eliminate distractions and neutralize the noise.

   10. Always Make the Idea Better

You can always expand upon your idea and make it better. When you begin to see how the dots connect, challenge yourself and your personal board of advisors to make your ideas even better.

    11. Make Work / Life Balance a Priority

Successfully converting an idea into a reality is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself so that you can reflect upon the mission at hand. Always be aware of what you are attempting to accomplish. Don’t overwhelm your mind; give yourself some breathing room and allow your creativity to expand. It will give you greater clarity of thought and help you keep things in perspective.

    12. Build a Legacy Around Your Idea

Once you give your idea its life, it is your responsibility that its impact stays alive forever.