Senior Project management consultant with exceptional leadership skills for fast paced entrepreneurial business environment. With more than 20 years experience in both public and private sector project management, Vijaya is successful in meeting technical as well as non technical challenges within restricted budget, dealing with diverse groups of stakeholders in complex environment. Vijaya is a repeatedly strong performer. She ensures customer satisfaction in all her delivery. Vijaya has used her strong communication and analytic skills to identify business requirements, constraints, dependency and risks when delivering large business transformation projects in banking, insurance, health care, telecommunication, manufacturing industries.

Besides overseeing day-to-day operations of her company, she enjoys working with clients to develop strategic plan suitable to their requirements. She takes extra efforts to review, prepare and complete action plans. With her unique and valuable experience in technology and management, she has delivered all her projects in time, with quality and within budget. She ensures customer satisfaction in all her delivery. She specializes in enterprise strategic change such as outsourcing and offshoring, multi stakeholders management in complex environment. Her excellent ability in identifying trend, problem solving, research and analytical thinking and effective communication helps her to mitigate project risks efficiently.


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